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January 22, 2007



Way to go Jack! Congratulations, I've been wanting to see them.


WOW! What a coup! Congrats!

I hear Botero next will do a series on the human rights violations in Castro's island prison.... riiiiiiiiiiight!


Warm regards




Wicked Cool and congratulations.


Botero's Abu Ghraib series can be seen in this short movie:
A Permanent Accusation

Dale Gerdemann

Powerful, fantastic. They capture a deep sense of outrage. Definitely should be shown in museums in America. We need to wake up to see what a bunch of criminals have been running the country.

Right now we've just heard about the Bulgarian medics who were tortured in Libya and recently released. Same story, different country. And now the American and European companies can't wait to get into the country and get a piece of the pie. I hope that some artist (Botero or someone else---An Arab artist perhaps?) can help us to remember this horrible crime.

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